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Advanced Degree Specialty Staff

Our Endocrinology practice includes Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PA's). NPs must first complete training as a registered nurse. PAs typically have previous professional experience in a health-related field. By the time they complete their education and extensive clinical training it is common for an NP or a PA to have one or more masters degrees, and possibly a doctorate. A PA may focus on a particular medical specialty, however, this is usually required for NPs. Both must pass rigorous professional examinations and be licensed to practice by the states in which they work.

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants are trained to perform numerous diagnostic and patient care procedures that previously have been the sole responsibility of physicians. In addition to nursing duties, NPs can also obtain and record medical histories, diagnose and treat various conditions, order medical tests, x-rays and prescriptions, and provide preventive as well as follow-up care. Physician Assistants can also do primary physical examinations, make diagnoses and order prescriptions, medical supplies and equipment. Depending on the medical facility in which they work, NPs and PAs may also provide or assist with other medical or surgical procedures or treatments. The duties of the two professions may overlap in some areas of practice.

State laws regulate the scope of professional responsibilities and autonomy for both Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. In our office practice, our NPs and PA work in conjunction with as well as with the supervision of our physicians. For more detailed information about Nurse Practioners, visit www.aanp.org, the website for the American Association of Nurse Practioners. For additional information about Physician Assistants, visit the website of the American Academy of Physician Assistants at www.aapa.org. There are also many other websites focusing on these healthcare professions.

The training, experience and efforts of our Nurses, Medical Assistants, Patient Educators, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistant and other technical and specialty personnel all contribute to the ability of our office to pursue our mission of providing quality specialized patient care with a high level of expertise, optimal responsiveness and professional efficiency.

EAD Nurse Practitioners:
Pamela D. Jones, BSN, MSN, ARNP-C
Karla McHughes, RN, MS, NP-C
Michelle McNeal, FNP
Sarah Otts, FNP-C

EAD Physician Assistant:
Amanda Hart, PA-C
Olga Philip, PA-C



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